Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This month, I was an un-daring baker.

Sorry folks, the challenge of a vol-au-vont didn't happen for me this month... but I'll be back on the Daring Baking wagon this month, believe you me.

Somehow with all the flying to London last minute, packing up the flat in a week, flying home to the States, and the whole "wedding" thing, I just couldn't rationalize baking my own puff pastry and inventing something to go with it... perhaps one day. But I did eat one at the wedding, and it was delicious.

I also took some nice pictures of food at Plimoth Plantation a couple weeks ago, mostly of onions and corn. Perhaps those should find their way to this blog, too. Corn chowder?

More to come in a week or so! xo

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